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(Spoiler: It means saving time & money, without losing your vision!) Hi, I'm Brittany Grinham. Your new Creative Brand Advisor. 

Feel the Power
of a Creative
in your Court.

15 Years Ideating & Executing
for Beloved Global Brands


Writing & Creative Directing campaigns for brands like Apple, Netflix & Target, with agencies like CP+B & Saatchi & Saatchi London


Cofounder & Chief Creative for Third Date Branding, Launching Seed - Series A brands (Naming, Design, Language, Web & Social Strategy)

Brand Executive

Third Date was acquired in March 2021 by KiwiCo. There, served as VP of Brand, building out the creative team, process brand ethos


Creative consultant and Brand Advisor to early and mid-stage brands, like Roamstead, Field Trip & Sweet Truth

My experience in-house, in-agency and as a founder myself means I’ve been on all sides of the table. I now use those proven hacks to guide founders in building the most compelling, cost-effective brand possible.


Ways to Engage

Brand Accelerator Program

The ULTIMATE Startup starter kit. A 12-week program, proven to unearth the right vision, mission, message, creative team (freelance or agency), mood boards and briefs to unlock the most compelling, cost-effective work. All, netting in the perfect kick-off your new creative vendors. 


Perfect for brand new businesses or a Series A Brand Boost.

Strategic Messaging

Help! How do we find the language that cuts through the noise? We'll unlock the right ways to talk about your business's PURPOSE & POWER, all in the PERSONALITY of your brand. Ultimately, we'll net a Language Library that you can pull from for years to come.

Getting rounds of creative work that just doesn't feel right? I help unlock WHY it's not working for the vision, translate your feedback into actionable creative speak, and ultimately, elevate the (design & messaging) details of every brand touchpoint.

On-Call Creative Direction

Interim Head of Brand

We believe in brand! But who can run this project day-to-day? For businesses that are scaling and don't yet have the internal resources to keep up creative momentum, I serve as in-house creative director and brand engine. The whole kit and caboodle for much less than a full marketing team.


Wait. What's a Creative Advisor?

So many founders skip directly to an agency or even a low-cost designer without understanding the process or their own creative vision. This can lead to losing THOUSANDS on Back-and-Forth burnout—or worse, totally missing the mark on messaging to your customers.

As a creative, myself, I serve as the bridge between a brilliant idea (product, purpose, story!) and a brilliant implementation. In short, I help founders land the plane.

That means guiding you to ARTICULATE your vision and the magic of your business, CURATE the right creative team and TRANSLATE feedback into actionable, efficient creative speak to your vendors. All, so you can build the most compelling, cost-effective branding, website & marketing materials from the very start.


Brittany saved me hours
& disappointment
going back and forth with a marketing company who otherwise wouldn’t have understood
the vision.

I’m so proud of what
we created together,
because it feels like mine. 



Let's Get Started

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